Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christians of the East 

Today is Good Friday for the eastern Orthodox Church. Surely this year is different for many who follow the eastern calendar. Two weeks ago 2 bishops from the Greek and Syriac Orthodox Church in Aleppo, Syria were kidnapped. I am not talking about this as a Christian or saying that Christians in the Middle East are targeted, which I believe its a known fact by now.

For me its more than that, I believe everyone is a target in this war. What bothers me the most, seeing how the world is still watching the ongoing daily massacres in Syria.

In fact the talk about chemical weapons these days proves how hypocrite is the so called international community. Non-chemical weapons do also kill thousands of people. Non-chemical weapons do also destroy entire neighborhoods if not cities. Above all non-chemical weapons do terrorize civilians, as much as chemical weapons would do.

Regardless, saying this doesn't mean I'm calling for a war or for a game changer or whatever. I'm just frustrated and I don't know what exactly to say about this war anymore.